Sleep Deprivation from Using Opiates.

Research has indicated that there are millions of people who are addicted to opiates and the most common side effect of abusing this drugs is the disruption of sleep patterns to the user. It is very vital for every human being to have a good sleep as this will greatly contribute to the overall well being and also stable mental health. Opioid dependency is not a healthy way of living and the effects that can arise from these are very negative as statistics have shown and those with opiate addiction should seek help so that they can recover from the addiction. To learn more about Opioid Addiction, visit opiate addiction treatment. Opiate use for a long duration of time will affect the functionality of the brain and this is what causes most of the addict's difficulties when it comes to sleeping.Some symptoms that are likely depicted by opiate addicts are you have difficulties while trying to sleep and when you finally do you will experience challenges staying asleep during the night and this will have detrimental health effects on the addict. Most often opiate addicts will feel the need to swallow a sleeping pill in order to fall asleep which is also harmful if done for a long period of time. Another symptom is that they feel that they are not getting enough rest and this might result to have dreams that are disturbing and could even lead to suicide. Opiates addict also shows different emotional shifts as one moment they are extremely happy and the next they are very moody which will greatly affect your well being.
A healthy individual will have uninterrupted sleep cycle throughout the night but for opiate users, this is never the case as the stages of sleep are severely affected and this leave the users feeling tired in the morning instead of feeling refreshed. Read more about Opioid Addiction from here. Scientists have come to the realization that just like caffeine blocks a certain chemical in the brain that is responsible for causing human beings to fall asleep is the same way that opiate works. But there are dangers as opiates have both the sleep-promoting effect and also the wake-promoting effects and that is why opiate users have difficulties in staying asleep.
A long term opiate user is also at risk of getting sleep apnea which leads to those affected to breath shallowly and experience breathing pauses while they are asleep and they can occur severally within an hour which is very dangerous as it will lead to other medical conditions such as diabetes, cognitive problems etc. Learn more from

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